We are delighted that you’ve chosen to find out more about the transformation that’s underway at Gloucester City Council and we hope that you’ll decide to join us in making Gloucester a “City that works for everybody.”

Our ambitions are big. Gloucester’s economic regeneration and our achievement in winning “Great Place” funding is geared to delivering a vibrant and prosperous, safe and attractive City. We want to enable strong and resilient communities. We strive to deliver great services that offer real value for money.  

Last year we launched Together Gloucester, an ambitious project to transform what we do and how we do it and focus better on achieving our key priorities. We want to make the most of the skills, behaviours and competencies of our staff, empowering them to work flexibly across teams and as a result help us become more agile in responding to changing demands and priorities.

We champion Asset Based Community Development and value people who can enable individuals and organisations across the City to shape and lead their communities and empower residents, groups and businesses to become active in service delivery.   We are committed to on-going training and development to build on existing strengths, foster positive problem solving and create the capacity to better support to our communities and help manage demand for Council services.

If you’re as ambitious as we are, someone who is willing to take difficult decision and see them through; can find innovative solutions and effectively implement them; can shape, promote and share our vision, and view our customers as key contributors in the development of services, then please tell us more.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Jon McGinty,
Managing Director

Jonathan Lund
Corporate Director

Anne Brinkhoff
Corporate Director

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